We are Lytz

We are facing a major challenge: the transition to a sustainable packaging industry. This is about more than packaging, materials and technology. It is also - and above all - about people. They are the accelerators of the transition to a sustainable packaging industry.

The world needs (better) packaging

Sustainable life, sustainable work, sustainable packaging

At Lytz, we firmly believe in the triangle sustainable life, sustainable work, sustainable packaging. As a packaging industry, how do we create a sustainable work and living environment for our employees to excel? We take the time to ensure that someone ends up in a place that fits.

Let’s build a better future together.

Sustainable life

We need to consider resources for humans, instead of humans as resources.

Sustainable work

Provide a sustainable work environment in which experts can excel.

Sustainable packaging

The world will always need packaging and it’s our collective responsibility to make better packaging.