A good match is a match for the long term.

My way of thinking

Quality in everything

I make those matches by entering into a partnership with candidates and companies. The better I know you, the better I know where you’ll fit in. And only then do I suggest a candidate. I look at capacity, competencies and work experience, of course, but also personalities. I clearly choose quality in everything.

Working together?

  • 1

    We schedule a meeting to discuss the job opportunity. I then pay a visit. This way, I get to see your company and your people. And I can better see who has the best profile for you. We discuss your requirements; I share my insights into market developments.

  • 2

    I work on an exclusive basis. This means that you give me the time to make qualitative matches. And that I commit to this for the full 100%.

  • 3

    I start looking. Within my own database, but also more broadly within my network. I approach those candidates with whom I see a match and ensure that I’ve met them before I introduce them to you.

  • 4

    I present you a maximum of three candidates who I believe fit in the areas of ability, desire, and culture.

  • 5

    We conduct an initial interview with these candidates together. I remain in the background during this interview, but by being there, I have a good view of where the match fits and where perhaps not. This is valuable information for all of us. Now and in the future.

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    You make the final decision and naturally, I advise as necessary and as desirable. And if the right match still isn’t at hand, then I search further within my network.

Lytz has daily contact with talent in the packaging industry.

I guarantee filling job openings for the long term.

Recruitment is a partnership. That’s how we achieve the best results.

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